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Our product range includes limousines, jeeps, trucks, busses as well as motorcycles, mopeds, bicycles. We also import special cars on demand.
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 Garage and Services

We sell vehicles including service guarantee. Maintenance and repair as well as all needed additional services such as car body damage repair, varnishing or refurbishment are done in our powerful GTS garage.
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 Power Supply

Power is needed at very different places, where you cannot plug in. For this we offer various self-sustaining power sets from 1 to 1000 kva, water pump sets or gasoline generators.

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 Authorized dealer

 GTS Motors - Get the vehicle you are looking for

GTS Motors is a strong and powerful supplier of vehicles of every description. Many of the cars are on exhibition in our 1000 m

A big and powerful team of well-trained workers offers all services you need for your car. This includes regularly inspections, maintenance and repair, varnishing and others. The GTS garage is well equipped.
The third part of our GTS Motors business activities is sales of power supply in various sizes, different engine powers and for different applications. The LIFAN products are powerful and work very reliable.




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