Proteus Mini-bus

Brand-new model - Proteus mini-bus, is one of the great steps for Great Wall new product to be introduced. Proteus incorporates the leading performance for both passengers and cargo loading. It is a multi-purpose vehicle with single cabin, 3 or 4 rows, 4-5 doors and 6-15 seats.

The back seats can be either folded or uninstalled, so as to create diversified combination of the interior space, which is much spacious than that of the average multi-functional tour vehicles, and meets the need for either passenger and cargo transportation. When cargo transporting, the passengers can be separated from the cargo, and a roomy space of 7.8m3 could be applied.

It is mounted with Mitsubishi 4G64 or 491QE engine, which are powerful with low consumption and can reach the Euro-III emission standard. The front independent suspension with torsion bar spring and double arms ensures the comfort performance of the vehicle. The rear suspension adapts the leaf spring, ensuring that the body sustains enough intensity and good drivability on off-road. Proteus mini-bus covers express delivery car, express passenger car and official vehicle series.



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