DEER extra-long

 Great Wall Pick-up Model DEER extra-long Single Cabin - Introduction

Golden Deer extra-long single cabin is the model designed according to the market demand and custom mentality. Big cargo body can reach your requirement of loading easily.
GW4D28 diesel engine utilizes Japanese Isuzu technology, 100 kilometres rated fuel consumption is 6L and power is 57KW.

Great Wall Motor pays much attention to environment protection. It follows national emission standard strictly, adopting lead-free gasoline and set upping three unique catalytic converter to convert hazardous substance into innocuous substance.



 Further DEER extra-long Characters

  • New type front face and rear bumper New type front face appears unique personality and fashion.
  • Door inner trimming One time form and use PVC first-class napped material.
  • Rear bumper - reasonable structure, reliable and safe.
  • Side step plate - Integrative antiskid design, more convenient to get on and off.
  • Car body cover - Integrative design against rain, sunlight and dust, more convenient for storage.

  • Seat- It is specially designed for European with larger seat room.
  • High brightness crystal lights Fashionable Crystal lights add the apparent distance when driving at night and make your ride more free.
  • Overlarge rear view mirror Not only beautiful and decent, but also widen your view scene.
  • Sensible loading proportional valve Reasonably distribute brake force, thus avoiding side-slip and tail wandering and making ride control freely especially in rain and snow weather.

 Details DEER



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