Fire Security Solutions

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 GTS Fire & Security is an organism which takes your security serious!

We also commercialise security-products for the protection of persons and valuable goods. After-sales-service guaranteed!

 Welcome to GTS Fire & Security


Distributor in Burundi of Fire fighting equipments from ISOGARD-France, a company from TYCO International Ltd.

GTS Fire & Security is a company specialised in the field of fire-protection.

We are looking at all your fire needs, we can work with you to ensure a risk assessment led process to provide you with optimum fire safety: advise, sales, training and maintenance.

When considering your fire safety, you should aim to prevent fire, detect fire and have plan to escape fire.

We take your security serious :
Whether you work at home, in the office, on boat, in the plane, at the hotel, hospital or in vehicle, we assure your best protection against fire.

We provide all type of industry and user specific portable and trolley mounted fire extinguishers, alarms, fire blankets, fire hydrant, smoke detectors, sprinkler, stand pipe, signs, pictograms, safety products

 Prompt Service, Quality Products, and Years of Experience

Since 1997, GTS Fire Protection has served the Burundian community by providing fire protection to  businesses, factories, schools, government, apartments, and the entertainment industry. GTS is confident that it is the best value by combining excellent service with reasonable prices.

With GTS Fire & Security you'll get:




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