Great Wall SUV Model SAFE - Introduction

In use of international advanced technology 4WD Safe SUV adopts a totally new rigid and durable 4WD chassis system, which ensures excellent passage ability on adverse roads. Intelligent controlled tail windshield greatly facilitates handling of small articles. The vast loading space of 1200mm

Great Wall Motor pays much attention to environment protection. It follows national emission standard strictly, adopting lead-free gasoline and set upping three unique catalytic converter to convert hazardous substance into innocuous substance.

 Further SAFE Characters

  • Outline of sedan like instrument panel adopts material imported from Germany.
  • Integrative central control panel.
  • Headrest, backrest, seat are adjustable.
  • WEBASTO power sunroof.
  • Floor shift hand brake, control conveniently and brake effectively.
  • Automatic A/C tactile keyboard.
  • Cargo bed liner and curtain adopt International TPO material.
  • Rear window internal antenna.

  • Vehicle VCD\ reverse radar.
  • Radio cassette player and CD.
  • Sporty fluorescent dashboard.
  • New type integrative rear bumper.
  • Barrel-type crystal double lamps design, safe and beautiful.
  • Wide front installed condenser, refrigerate effect is more obvious.
  • Big wheel brow shows your unique personality.
  • New type two bore fashionable grill.

 SAFE Details



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